Honour Society Announces Candidates for Election

Oxford SV Honour Society
Candidates for 2018-2019 School Year

Nicole Anaya

Shally Zomorodi Entezam

Tara Morawski

Jillian Gray

Monique Lopez

A.J. McAlexander



Our election will be held during the May 21, 2018 general membership meeting at 7:00 p.m. in Honour Hall. Since there are no positions with multiple candidates, voting will take place using a simple voice vote (yay or nay) unless someone attending the meeting steps forward to add their name to the election for a non-vacant/no candidates opening.

The Election Committee is still actively looking to fill the Vice President of Public Relations and the Vice President of Volunteers. We will also be announcing several chair positions in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in getting more involved with Honour Society, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at oxfordsvhsparliamentarian@gmail.com.

Candidate Statements

PRESIDENT: Nicole Anaya

“I am the current President and I have enjoyed working closely with Honour Society, the community, school, teachers, admins and students. It has brought me great joy to assist in a successful and fruitful year. This year I successfully reapplied and worked closely with our designated IRS agent and our VP of Finance to form an approved 501(c) 3. By doing this, our VP of Finance and I had to re-haul a budget that was created prior to add in more assemblies, community services and less in areas that do not benefit our champions. I also assisted in a successful Halloween Dance, Polar Express, creating a Community Outreach position, creating a relationship with Helping Hands, Jog A Thon, memorable Spring Gala, assisted in providing over 20 Thanksgiving meals for families in need and more. My goal is to continue providing our champions continued excellence and commitment in enriching their education experience.”


“My journey with Oxford Preparatory Academy began a few years ago before our son was ready for TK. We fell head over heels for OPA’s educational program. We became founding families and helped open Oxford Preparatory Academy Saddleback Valley. It was a surreal day when our son started his first day in TK. This coming year he will be entering 1st grade and we will have a new Champion beginning TK in the fall. After my responsibilities as a founding family member came to an end I was asked to join Honour Society. I was nominated and became the VP of Public Relations in our inaugural year. I am completing my second year on the executive board and I am very proud and excited for all that we have accomplished over the past year. Using my experience in media and a journalist, as VP of Public Relations, I launched and maintain our Honour Society Facebook page. I have supported other board members and event committee chairs to effectively communicate details of events and programs to Champion families. During the past few years I have worked closely with admin and professors to organize and plan events for our school including the Halloween dance, Jog-a-thon, and Spring Gala. Just recently and after months and months of work I was able to successfully launch the Honour society webpage that is now on the OPASV website. All Honour Society events and news can now be found on our webpage creating another avenue of communication for our Champion families. In the webpage I work on a weekly letter from Honour Society addressed to you with important information and dates on all the events and programs involving Honour Society in an effort to help you plan for our events. In addition to my responsibilities as Vice President of Public Relations I also stepped in and helped with the responsibilities of positions left vacant on the board. I also assisted in the planning and execution of fundraising events for the second half of the school year. If I may take a moment to be brutally honest – The past few years working as a founding family member and an executive board member has been quite the challenge. Working very early morning hours full time with 3 small children at home and managing the responsibilities as an HS board member have been overwhelming at times. Deciding to run again to be a part of the board has been a decision weighing heavily on me. But when I look at our current board and the amazing men and women who give so much to make our school better and parents who are committed to doing the ‘right’ thing, I knew my decision to serve on a board with them for a few more years would be an honor. As a group we have accomplished so much despite the challenges that arose during the year. I am committed to serving on the board and will continue to work towards our goals with our students and families requests in mind providing our Champions a memorable and successful school experience. I look forward to growing from the lessons I have learned over the past year serving on the board and will use my experience to better plan and execute HS events. In the next year I look forward to inviting and creating more opportunities for parents to help in anyway their schedules will allow them because I know and believe Honour Society will be that much more successful with the help of all Champion Families. I hope to be a part of the Honour Society’s vision to create more family and student programs and balancing those programs with our financial needs for fundraisers to make those programs come to life. I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve as your Executive Vice President of Programs in the coming years.”


“Prior to becoming a mom I worked in residential construction as a Project Manager for over a decade. My job duties included preparing budgets for the various trades involved with the project, handling superintendent and labor schedules, and making sure permits and inspections were completed on time. This position required time management and multitasking skills. I was also required to make detailed notes and keep organized files. Post becoming a mom I’ve began a career in residential real estate. I’ve been a licensed Realtor and in the industry five years this October. Being a real estate agent requires many hats, but my best attribute for this industry is my ability to listen to my various client needs and wants and to help facilitate that those get met. I have a great eye for detail and I am also very organized.”


“As an advancement professional with my Bachelor’s in Marketing and Master’s in Education, I have worked in Higher Education and Independent Private School administration for the past 18 years. Much of that time has been managing alumni association board of directors and councils including oversight of their meetings, bylaws, amendments, nominations/awards and voting. During my undergraduate years, I also served on the Associated Students of Boise State University as the election board chair. These experiences, coupled with my own volunteer background with organizations such as the Junior League of Orange County gives me a great appreciation and understanding of the important role a parliamentarian plays in helping ensure the integrity and procedural needs of a 501(c)3 organization like the OPA SV Honour Society. As a current OPA parent with kids in Arizona, Stanford (Oregon ‘16-‘17) and Alabama (Michigan ‘16-‘17), I welcome the opportunity to serve the OPA-Saddleback community in this role and in doing so, support all OPA students, their families, faculty/staff and administration who benefit from the important work of Honour Society.


“I have been actively involved in Honour Society and it has been so awesome to be a part of many amazing fundraising ventures. I’ve assisted in Halloween Dance, Sees Candy, Spring Social, Jog a Thon just to name a few. I am a fun, organized and detail oriented person who is looking to create positive and fun events that generate income in order to sustain programs, events, and more that Honour Society contributes for the success of our school and community. My passion on a day to day basis is to spread joy to our Champions and I want to continue that on a volunteer basis beyond the normal school hours.”


“I have been the spirit wear coordinator for the last two years. I always promote school spirit and a positive school climate. I have a great working relationship with the company that provides Oxford Preparatory Academy their spirit wear. I believe my knowledge and familiarity with the children and families helps me to provide great customer service in this position.”