Physical Education

physical education
About Ms. Penrose: 
Hello! This is my second year at OPA and I teach TK- 8th grade Physical Education. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. I also received my physical education teaching credential at CSUF.  I also have an additional health science teaching credential. In my free time I enjoy hiking, going to the gym, and paddle boarding.  I also love to cook healthy meals. My favorite team sport is soccer; I played for 12 years.  
I hope to teach all of my students to love being active as much as I do and teach them about life long well-being. I chose to become a Physical Education teacher because I love working with the youth and I also love being active. I felt that it was my purpose to share my passion for physical activity with children & adolescents. I also plan to build my students into productive members of society by building their confidence, cooperation skills, and social skills.
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Be a Champion: 
Cooperation: Use teamwork and show good sportsmanship.
Hands: Keep hands and body parts to yourselves.
Attention: Give me your full attention when I am giving directions to ensure your safety. 
Motivate: Get excited to learn, exercise and have fun. Motivate each other to improve. 
Prepared: Always wear athletic shoes  and your gym uniform clothes.
Involvement: Always participate and give your best effort
Others: Respect the teacher, environment and your classmates
Noise: Quiet and freeze when the whistle is blown