August 27-31,2018

Welcome to our first weekly newsletter!  The Gators and Tigers will be sending you one unified newsletter that covers both classrooms. Here you will get information about what we are doing this week along with other information that you need to know.  The newsletter will also be posted on our University page found on the OPA-SV website.

Here is our week ahead:

ELA:  We are beginning ABC bootcamp!  We learn a new letter every 2 days.  This week we will focus on the letters A and B.  On Friday, we will celebrate the alphabet with the book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”

Math:  We are beginning Numbers bootcamp!  We will learn a new number every 2 days.  This week we will focus on numbers 0 and 1.

Social Studies:   We have a new weekly Social Studies program.  Every week focuses on a new topic.  This week’s topic is all about school and rules.

Benchmarking:  Throughout the next couple weeks we will be testing students to see where they are at at the beginning of the school year.

Homework:  Today, our homework folders went home.  They were full of papers we need you to fill out and return no later than Friday, August 31st.  Tomorrow, the students will get their first homework assignment.  There will be a ELA page and a Math page.  Make sure your child competes them and returns them the next day in the folder.  We also encourage reading for 20 minutes.  This could be reading to your child or your child reading a book to you.

Upcoming Dates:

September 6th: University Orientation

September 14th: Chick Fila Night

September 28th: Fall Festival

That does it for this week!


June 4-8, 2018

 We have made it!  Our last week of Kindergarten together!  I have enjoy every minute of our school year.  The students have worked hard and I feel are very prepared for the next year ahead.  Shoutout to my two friends that dunked me into some cold water last Friday! 🙂

Here is what is left with our year:

Board Games:  We are allowing students to bring in their favorite board game to play with friends.  Follow the schedule to know when to bring in your game.  If your last name starts with A-H bring your game Monday, June 4.  If your last name starts with I-Z bring your game Tuesday, June 5.

End of Year Party (6/6): We have spaces available to volunteer if you would like to attend our party.  Students will wear Hawaiian attire that day.

Spirit Wear Days: Students can wear the accessories along with their school polo.  Check the weekly SV email that says what the spirit wear days are.

That does it for our 3 days!


May 28 – June 1, 2018

I hope everyone had a relaxing 3-day weekend.  I’m excited to show you what we have been working on for Open House.

Here is our week ahead:

Open House (5/31: minimum day): We will be finishing our projects this week for the big night.

End of Year: We will be reviewing topics from throughout the year.

Homework: No homework for the rest of the school year.

Sight Words: Testing concluded last week.

Blackwells (5/30): The last one of the year.  Please staple your child’s scholarships in groups of 5.

Splash Bash (6/1): A permission slip for the event will be coming home tomorrow.  Students can wear appropriate swim suits.  Students need to bring a towel.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.

End of Year party (6/6): Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer at the party.  A link came home last week.  Students will be wearing Hawaiian shirts and attire that day.

That does it for this week!


May 21-25, 2018

Welcome to another week!  This week we will dip into the single digits for days of school left.  Things move so quickly!

Here is our week ahead:

ELA & Science:  We will continue to look at ocean animals.

Math:  We will investigate past topics and weights of objects.

CHAMP:  We will persevere to our lessons.

Ocean objects needed:  Thanks for the kiddie pool and egg cartons.  This week, I would like every student to bring in a used water bottle (please make it a smooth edged water bottle similar to Smart Water or Fiji) and a cheap plastic grocery bag (the new thicker ones won’t work).  I have some extra bags if you do not have any.  We will be doing a project with them by the end of the week.

Bowl with the Professor (6/4): Tickets are on sale until 5/25!  There are extra forms in the office or on the Honour Society website.

Honour Society Meeting (5/21 at 7:00pm):  Come vote in the HS election!

That does it for the week!


May 14-18, 2018

A huge thank you for the great birthday last Wednesday!  I enjoyed seeing all the students come dressed in their Disney outfits.  Hamilton was a blast!  Thanks to Mrs. Ogden for putting it all together!

This week, we are the University of the Week.  Tomorrow, students will be presenting our university.  Please send them with their university shirt over their uniform.  Practice once more tonight with their part.  If students can be here by 8:20, I will be able to get them ready in their places.  If you can’t, that is ok.

Here is the rest of our week:

ELA & Science:  We will continue to learn about ocean animals.

Math:  We will review topics from throughout the year.

CHAMP:  We are still talking about perseverance.

Sight Word Testing:  This week and next will be the last 2 times to pass a list.

Circus Trix (5/15): Please be there at 4:40 to sign the waiver.  Our fun begins at 5:00.  See you there!

That does it for the week!


May 7-11, 2018

Hopefully the 4th was with you this past Friday!  We have a busy week ahead of us:

ELA, Writing, and Science:  We will continue investigating all things ocean related.

Math:  We will focus on various measurement and data topics.  We will also begin reviewing topics from throughout the year.

Sight Words:  We continue to test on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Only a few more weeks to pass the lists!

CHAMP:  We are looking for students that show perseverance.

Spirit Wear (5/9) & College Wear (5/11)

Mad Science Night at OPA (5/11):5:30pm

Circus Trix (5/15):5-7pm

That does it for the week!


April 30- May 4, 2018

The students did an awesome job on the circus!  Thanks again to the parents that helped us out on this endeavor. Our next big project is preparing to amaze you for Open House.

Our week is as follows:

ELA, Writing, & Science:  We will be investigating the oceans and all their wildlife.

Math: We will be focusing on shapes while reviewing topics from the year.

CHAMP: Our new focus for the month is perseverance.  We will learn how to do the right thing even if its difficult.

Sight Words: We will continue testing on Tuesday.

Beach Cleanup (May 5th):  Sign up here to let Honour Society know you are attending:

Circus Trix (May 15th): Our night of fun is coming up.  A flyer will come home tomorrow.  HS will be paying for all Gators entry for jumping ONE HOUR and their socks.  Siblings can attend.  Parents will responsible for paying the entry fee for siblings – over 6 years of age is $17.00, under 6 is $13.00, & socks for $3 bucks.  Students must arrive at 4:40pm to have waivers signed. HS will provide pizza and snacks for all families coming.

That does it for the week!


April 16-20, 2018

We are one week away from our big circus event!  Talk with your child about how you are coming to see them and how important it is to do their best on stage and waiting for their turn to perform.

Here is our week ahead:

ELA:  We will be reading books about plants.

Writing:  We will finish comparing and contrasting in writing.  We will also write our own old lady stories.

Math:  We are learning about counting on and down from a given number.  We will review past topics, as well.

Science:  We are learning about plants.

CHAMP:  We are learning about how we need to be brave and do the right thing.

Circus:  We are still in need of volunteers that can help setup and take down.  We also need two stage hands that can help at the PM performances.  Refer to the email last week with the link to sign up.

That does it for this week!


April 9-13, 2018

We are moving along, working harder each day to be prepared for the circus.  Be ready to be amazed on the big night!

Here is our week ahead:

ELA:  We will continue to read Old Lady stories.  This week’s skill will focus on comparing and contrasting the stories.

Writing:  We will learn how to compare and contrast through writing.

Math:  We are continuing to investigate teen numbers and will start reviewing previous topics.

Science:  Plants are in our future.

CHAMP:  We will be reading stories that have characters showing courage.

Sight Words:  Testing Tuesday.

Circus:  Practices Monday and Thursday.  I am in need of 2 volunteers to be stage hands for PM’s night performance.  The date is April 25th.  I am also in need of 2 volunteers to come in tomorrow (April 9th) from 10:30-11:30 to help sort out the costumes.  This will allow us to send out an email Tuesday with what is needed still.

Wednesday, April 11th:  Spirit Wear Day (minimum day) & OPA Appreciation (5-7pm).

That does it for this week!


April 3-6, 2018

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!

Here is our shortened week ahead:

ELA:  We will be studying “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.”  We will be learning about sequencing.

Writing:  To help with sequencing, we will be learning to write “how to” paragraphs.

Math:  We will continue to investigate teen numbers.

Science:  We will begin exploring the needs of plants.

CHAMP:  We will continue to learn about having COURAGE.

Sight Words:  We will start testing back up on Tuesday.

Decodable Books:  Students are now going to keep their bag of books in their book bags.  This will allow students to read their books as part of their nightly homework of reading at least 10 minutes.

Circus:  We have been practicing hard for our performance.  We will be continuing to practice on Mondays and Thursdays.  It would be beneficial to attend school on those two days and move appointments to other days if possible.

That does it for this week!


March 19-23, 2018

Welcome to the week before Spring Break!  I know we are all eager to get to Friday, but we have a fun filled week to complete first.

Here is our week ahead:

ELA & Science:  We will conclude our rainbow unit this week with a few more experiments and students will create posters showcasing what they have learned.

Writing:  We will have mini lessons targeted towards using transitional words when writing.

Math:  We will continue investigating teen numbers.

Sight Words:  We will get students tested throughout the week.  There are some students that have finished all 15 lists!!  To accommodate them we will now be testing sight word phrases.  Each set of phrases encompasses the sight word lists along with some new sight words.  They will be tested the same day students are tested for sight words.  There is a surprise for those students that finish all the phrase lists.

CHAMP:  We are currently looking at having the courage to do the right thing.

Jog-a-Thon:  Tomorrow during the morning assembly, we will find out how the students and class did.  Thanks to all those that donated!!

Spirit Wear (3/21) and University Wear (3/23)

That about does it for the week!


March 12-16, 2018

I wanted to give a heart-felt thanks for all the food and gifts for Staff Appreciation.  I loved every bit of it!  Thanks to our University Mom for all the hard work putting it all together.  I am truly grateful for all the support you give your kids towards their education!

Congrats to the Gators for earning the OPA Brag Board this week!  This is a result of their stellar behavior at the morning assembly.  The Gator name will proudly be displayed on the board for all to see!

We are moving closer to Spring Break.  Less than 2 weeks to go!

Here is our fun week ahead:

ELA/Science:  We will be learning about RAINBOWS!

Math:  We will continue to learn about teen numbers.

CHAMP:  We are learning how to have the courage to do the right thing.

Sight Words:  I will try to get all students through sight words at least once more before Spring Break.

Chipotle (3/12):  There is a fundraiser at Chipotle tonight for Honour Society.

Spirit Wear Day (3/14) and Pink Out Day (3/16)

Spring Gala:  Early Bird prices have been extended to this Friday!  Reserve here:

Circus:  Practices will continue on Mondays and Thursdays.  It is important for all students to be here on those days to get as much practice time in before the big event.

Art Masters (3/13):  This week’s project involves paint.  Please bring an oversized shirt to put over their uniforms to protect from paint.

That does it for the week!


March 5-9, 2018

We have an exciting week ahead of us.  Here is our week ahead:

ELA:  We will be doing an author study on Dr. Seuss.

Writing:  We will focus on mini-writing lessons covering ideas and organization.

Math:  We will investigate teen numbers.

Science:  The potato will be the focus of the week.  If you have not brought in a potato yet they are due tomorrow.  Our special science day will be Wednesday.  One of the experiments students chose is “Giggly Gelatin Worms.”  Each student will need an empty water bottle by Wednesday.

CHAMP:  We will continue our lessons of uniqueness.

Circus:  We will begin our weekly rehearsals on Mondays and Thursdays (11:30-12:20).

Jog-a-Thon:  Thanks for all those who have donated so far!  This is our last week to collect donations.  Let’s finish out strong!  Students wear university shirts that day (3/8).  There will be NO homework (3/8) for the school meeting their next fundraiser goal.

Sight Word Testing:  Tuesday.

Spirit Wear (3/9):  Wear pink.

See’s Candy:  Fundraiser starts tomorrow.

Spring Gala:  I will be there, will you??  Purchase tickets here:

Chipotle Fundraiser:  March 12, 4-8pm

That does it for the week!


February 26- March 2, 2018

Welcome to another week!  March is upon us, will it come in like a lion or a lamb?

Here is our week ahead:

ELA/Social Studies:  We will be concluding our unit about Black History Month.

Math:  We will be concluding our unit about adding and subtracting within 10.

Writing:  We will finish our letters to the President.  Students will be able to take their letters home and parents can decide if they want to mail them or not.  The rest of the week we will be having mini-writing lessons to improve our skills.

Sight Words:  Testing Tuesday.

Art Masters:  We will have our next lesson this Tuesday.

CHAMPS:  We will continue learning about WISDOM.  We will be having a lesson about differences on Monday.

Jog-a-thon:  We will find out this week if we made our goal last week and earned a 2 science experiment day.  Continue to raise money to help our wonderful Honour Society through March 8th!

Black and White Gala:  Honour Society’s big event is coming up.  I will be there.  Will you?  I would love the Gators to have the greatest amount of parents there.  Hit the link to reserve your spot:

Free Dress Day (2/27):  Students have a free dress day thanks to the money raised for the Jog-A-Thon.

Spring Pictures (2/28):  Students can wear their picture attire.

University Wear (3/2):  Students are to wear their university attire or uniforms.

Playground Reward:  The class has been working on a new playground behavior system.  Each time they have a recess without incident they earn a letter towards a reward.  They earned their first reward!  Tomorrow (2/26), they can bring their stuffed friend to spend the day with them.  They picked their next reward to be a free art time.

That does it for the week!


February 19-23, 2018

Thanks for those students that were able to try out Raz kids.  Our class alone put in over 13 hours of reading on the program in one day!  The students enjoyed learning about all the different cultures present at their school for International Day!

Here is our short week ahead:

ELA & Social Studies:  We will continue to celebrate Black History Month through reading.

Writing:  To celebrate President’s Day we will read about what a president does.  Students will be learning about the letter writing process by writing an imaginary letter to a president.

Math:  We will continue to investigate ways to make 9 and 10.

CHAMP:  We will continue gaining “wisdom” by learning about how unique we all are.  Thanks to our counselor for helping us with that.

Chinese New Year Celebration (2/20):  Students can wear red or Chinese attire on that day.

Spirit Wear (2/21):  Students can wear OPA spirit wear or their uniforms.  Uniform bottoms are required.

University Wear (2/23):  Florida wear on this day.

Sight Words (2/20):  Testing Tuesday.

Jog-a-Thon:  This week students are challenged to raise the most money.  We want to be number 1 this week!  Thanks to all that have raised money in the name of the Gators!!  I’ve raised over a $100 and plan to raise more this week!  Let’s win it together!!

Town Hall 2.0 (2/20):  This Tuesday (6-8 pm), OPA will be hosting a town hall meeting discussing how OPA moves forward.  We are wanting as many parents there as possible.  This is your chance to include your voice into future endeavors.  Parents that attend will earn their children a homework pass good for that night’s homework only.  I hope to see many of the Gator parents there!

OPA Awards (2/23):  If you received a letter, this month’s OPA awards is this Friday.

That does it for this week.


February 12-16, 2018

Thanks for coming out for our 100th Day Museum.  The students did a great job completing and presenting their projects for you!!

Here is our week ahead:

ELA/Social Studies:  We will be learning about famous Black Americans to celebrate Black History Month.

Math:  We will investigate ways to make 9 and 10.

CHAMP:  We will be studying the character trait of wisdom.  Ask your children how they can show wisdom by doing the right thing.  Our school counselor will be coming in once a week, for the next couple weeks, to do activities with the students over this topic and others.

Valentine’s Day (2/14):  Students can bring 27 Valentines for the class.  They are to be addressed with who they are from.  Do not put who they are to.  Also, students are to bring a decorated Valentine box in to collect their Valentines in.

Spirit Wear (2/14):  Students can wear red, pink, or their uniforms.

International Day (2/16):  We will be learning about all the different cultures that are represented by our OPA families.  Students can come to school in university wear or dressed like their culture.  I will be rocking my German attire!  Two to three parents that could volunteer to help our students through the lines would be greatly appreciated.  Email me if you would like to help and are not already manning a booth.

“Race Like a Champion” Jog-a-thon:  Today, Jog-a-thon forms came in the folders.  This is a fundraiser to help Honour Society.  I challenged the students to raise more than me.  Let’s get the Gators to be the top fundraising class!  The first step is sending out at least 5 emails via the link provided.  This is due by Friday, February 16th.  Students that do that will be entered into a drawing for SeaWorld tickets!

That is it for this week!


February 5-9, 2018

The Gators correctly predicted the winners of the Super Bowl!! They predicted the Eagles would win because the country’s bird is the eagle and should win.

This week we celebrate the 100th day of school!

Here is our week ahead:

ELA/Science:  We are wrapping up our investigations of arctic animals by comparing and contrasting penguins and polar bears.

Math:  We are continuing to investigate subtraction.

Writing:  We are finishing up our prompt:  How to be a good friend.

Spirit Wear Days:  We will begin this Wednesday wearing our spirit wear to school.  Uniform bottoms are still required.

Sight Words:  Testing on Tuesday.

100th Day Collections and Project Supplies:  Due tomorrow!  Throughout the week, students will be creating a way to display them.

100th Day (2/9):  Students come to school looking like they are 100 years old.

100th Day Museum (2/9):  From 12:00-12:30, parents may enter the rooms to tour our 100th Day collections.  Students will be in front of their projects to answer any questions you have about their projects.

Valentine’s Day:  Remember that students are to fill out the “from” section of their cards and not the “to” section.  They are to create a box at home to collect the cards in.  We have 27 students.

That does it for this week!


January 29-February 2, 2018

We had a great School Choice Week and took the challenge to be kind.  We will be taking kindness further this week in our writing.  Here is our week ahead:

ELA & Science:  We will continue learning about penguins.

Writing:  We will be writing about how to be a good friend.

Math:  We are learning about subtraction.

Social Studies:  We will learn about Groundhog Day.

Sight Words:  We test on Tuesdays.

Conferences (2/1 & 2/2):  Emails for conferences have gone out.  If you did not receive one I do not need to meet with you at this time.

100 Day News:  Collections and supplies due Tuesday, February 6th.  100 Day celebration Friday, February 9th.

Valentine’s Day Party (2/14):  We have 27 students.  All cards need to just say who they are from.  None of them are to say who they are to.  Students will be creating their own Valentine Box at home and bringing them on the day of the party.  Our University Mom will be sending out a SignUp Genius with details about the party.

That does it for this week!


January 22-26, 2018

Welcome School Choice/ Great Kindness Challenge Week!

Thanks for making the choice to send your child to OPA to learn!

Here is our week ahead:

ELA & Science:  We will finish our study of polar bears and begin investigating penguins.

Math:  We will continue to investigate adding.

Sight Word Testing:  This Tuesday.

Decodable Books:  The next book will come home Tuesday.

School Choice Spirit Wear Days:

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday:  Dress like a Professor Day

Wednesday:  Yellow Day (wear all the yellow you can)

Thursday: Crazy Tie Day

Friday:  Inside Out/Backwards Day

School Choice Scarves:  If your child still has the yellow school choice scarf from last year, please have them bring it to school this week.

Honour Mods (1/24):  I sent home a letter and field trip form last Friday explaining Honour Mods.  For students to attend, the field trip form must be returned.  Thanks to the 4 parents that signed up to be chaperones for the event.  We could use a couple more parents to reduce the number of students a chaperone would have.  There will be no homework that day.

100th Day Celebration (2/9):  Students will be dressing like 100-year-old people.  They will be displaying their 100th day collections.  A sheet will come home Monday explaining the collections.

That does it for this week!


January 15-19, 2018

I hope the Gators have been able to recall all they have learned about MLK the past couple days.  This week we will put a science focus in our ELA lessons.

Here is our week ahead:

ELA & Science:  We will learn about arctic animals the next few weeks.  More specifically, this week we will learn about polar bears.

Math:  We started using plus and equal signs to our math problems.  This week, we will continue to do so.

Homework:  Remember to allow your child to spell words on their own.  They need to practice spelling patterns they are hearing in class.  Journals are to be returned every day in their homework folder.

Chick Fil A (1/16):  Honour Society is hosting another fundraiser night.  I will be in attendance from 5-6.  The class that has the highest attendance will receive dessert from Chick Fil A.

Flippin Pizza (1/22):  Join Honour Society for this fundraiser night.

Movie Night (2/1):  Come watch Despicable Me while making blankets for those in need.  Please RSVP via this link:

Genius Hour:  Starting in February, we will be investigating what passions we have.  If the students’ passions match up, I will be looking for parent volunteers that have similar passions and are willing to share their expertise.

100th Day:  It is looking like 2/9 will be our special day.  Part of celebrating that day will be displaying our 100 collections.  Students will need to start collecting 100 of something.  This could be marbles, rubber bands, hair bands, cubes, etc (be creative).  Details will come out next week on what we want students to do with the collections, along with due dates.

That does it for our week!


January 8-12, 2018

Welcome back!!

I hope everyone had a joyous and relaxing holiday break.  Thanks for all the wonderful gifts I received over the holidays!  I am energized and ready to continue our journey together. Here is an outlook at our week ahead:

ELA/Social Studies:  We will discuss New Year’s Resolutions.  Later in the week, we will look at Martin Luther King Jr.

ELA/Science:  We will begin investigating all things winter.

Math:  We will continue to work with adding and subtracting.

Sight Words:  We will continue to test on Tuesdays.

100th day of school:  Students will be coming in looking like they are 100 years old.  Be thinking about their costume.  This will be around the end of the month.

Passion:  Start talking with your child about what interests them.  You could start writing down their ideas.  This will come in handy in the near future.

Friday, 1/12: University Wear

That does it!


December 11-15, 2017

We’ve made it to the big holiday week at school.  This week will be over as soon as it starts!

Big thanks to all those that donated during our school supply service project.  We reached 100% participation!!  All those supplies will go to a school in need.  I knew my North Pole Ninjas had big generous spirit!!

Here is our week ahead:

ELA: We will be wrapping up our Holidays Around the World unit.  Stay tuned for a special project in your inbox that will showcase what our students have been learning about traditions.

Math:  We will be investigating ways to make 7 and 8.

EPIC and Front Row:  These are great tools to use during the winter break.  I would love seeing what the students do on the programs over break.

Polar Express Day (12/12):  Wear your PJs that day and enjoy some hot chocolate.  We will be watching the Polar Express.

Blackwells (12/13):  Students are to bring their scholarships back this day.  Please have your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name on the scholarships and staple them in groups of 5.  There will be holiday gifts to purchase and drawings to enter with scholarships.

Jingle Jam (12/14):  If your child is participating in the Jingle Jam please RSVP via the Google form:

Holiday Party (12/15):  Students are to wear their holiday shirts or colors that day.  Our university mom has great things scheduled that day.  I am sure she would love your assistance that day if you can volunteer.

Honour Society Caroling (12/15):  If you are participating in the caroling event please RSVP via this Google form:

Winter Break (12/18-1/5): Enjoy the time off!  Relax and read lots of books!

That is our week ahead!


December 4-8, 2017

The holiday countdown has begun.  10 school days left!  We are booking it around the world in our class.  So far, we have flown to Germany, Netherlands, and Italy.  We have 7 more countries to go.  There is a special homework assignment later in the newsletter.

ELA & Social Studies:  We are continuing our cross-curricular unit studying holiday traditions around the world.  On Monday, students will be given a homework assignment that focuses on 1 tradition you celebrate as a family at this time.  Students will have to write 2-3 sentences regarding this for a PowerPoint slide.  More directions will come home tomorrow.

Math:  We are continuing our investigation of number bonds.  This moves us closer to adding and subtracting.

Trimester Awards:  Be refer to the letter sent home last week for our time.  Students are to be in formal uniform that day.

Polar Express & PJ Day (12/8): Students get to wear PJs that day and learn the Hot Chocolate Dance.

Reindeer Ornament:  Earlier last week, an ornament was sent home to complete.  Our room mom would like them back tomorrow to put on the class tree.  Decorate it as you choose.

Book Fair (all week):  Just like the fall fair, please take your child to purchase any books.

Class Information:  Any information you may have missed or need to review can be found here!

That about does it for our week!


November 27-December 1, 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.  We have much to be thankful for!  Now starts the quickest 3 weeks of the year.

Here is how our week is shaping up:

ELA & Social Studies:  We will be starting our Holidays Around the World unit.  It will cross the two subjects together.

Math:  We will be learning about adding and subtracting within 5.

Holiday Project (12/1):  We are doing a small holiday project and I am asking all students to bring a holiday hat or warm winter hat on Friday, 12/1.  Students will be taking a photo with it on.  Students can bring a scarf as well but that is optional.

Art Masters:  Our next lesson will be on Tuesday, 11/28th.

Sight Word Testing:  Tuesday, 11/28.

Thankful For OPA Friendship Feast:  Thursday, 11/30 (4:30pm).  Join us for this wonderful potluck.  RSVP at this link

Friday, 12/1:  OPA Spirit Wear day  (wear your spirit wear or school uniform)

That about does it for the week!


November 13-17, 2017

Our day of Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  I know the students are excited for their break next week.  Here is our week ahead:

ELA:  We will be researching and writing about the first Thanksgiving.

Math:  We will be investigating 3-D solids.

Friday, November 17th:  University Wear and OPA awards (8:45-9:30)  I have emailed the parents of students selected to receive this month’s OPA Award.

 Thanksgiving Feast (11/17):  Thanks to those parents that signed up to donate and volunteer for our feast.  Students do not have to dress up.  We will be making hats that tell them if they are a Pilgrim or a Native American.  Students will eat and discuss what makes them thankful amongst friends.

EPIC and Front Row:  These are good tools to use over Thanksgiving Break to supplement what we have learned in class.

Sight Words:  We will be testing lists on Tuesday, 11/14.

Thankful for OPA:  If you haven’t returned your leaf, please return them this week in your child’s folder.

That does it for this week!


November 6-10, 2017

Good evening parents and guardians,

We are at that time of year where time flies by.  Make sure to read the weekly Gator News to stay on top of what is happening in our classroom.

Here is our week:

ELA:  We are learning how to respond to questions about stories.

Math:  We are learning about 2-D and 3-D shapes.  Students are to use math specific vocabulary such as edges and vertices.

Writing:  We will be responding to our Trimester 1 writing prompts this week.

Sight Word Testing will be back on Tuesday this week.

Thanksgiving Family Projects:  Due Thursday, 11/9.

Veteran’s Day:  NO SCHOOL Friday, 11/10.

Thanksgiving Feast:  Stay tuned for details about TK & K’s Thanksgiving Feast coming up on 11/17.

Magazines:  We will take any donations of old magazines that you are looking to get rid of.

November’s Volunteer Opps:  Check the Gator News email for the link.

At-Home Volunteers:  We still have sight word cards and math materials that can be worked on at home if you would like to help out.

That is it for our week!


October 30-November 3, 2017

Welcome to an exciting week!  Here is what we have planned:

ELA:  We will be learning about informational text.

Math:  November 1st we will start learning about shapes (Unit 2).  The rest of Unit 1 was skipped because the students were knowledgeable of the material and didn’t need more time on it.

Social Studies and Science:  We will be investigating corn, Veteran’s Day, Pilgrims, Native Americans, and Thanksgiving in November.

Monday:  We will be carving our class pumpkin and exploring its insides.

Literature Day:  Students will be decked out as their book character.  Students will need to bring their book with them as well.  Our room mom has an exciting party planned.  It is a minimum day.  Volunteers are still needed for the day to help with setup, during, and after.

Sight Words:  We will be testing tomorrow since we will be busy on Tuesday.

Decodable Books:  I have started adding extra books to some students’ bags based on reading levels.

Morning Bell:  In the morning, there are 2 bells.  The students line up at the first bell (8:25). We walk in after that.  Students are not tardy until the second bell goes off (8:30).  After that bell, per OPA policy, students are to go to the office for a tardy slip.  Tardies are not considered when it comes to the attendance pin at the end of the trimester.

That does it for this week!


October 23-27, 2017

It was great seeing students at the Halloween Party last Friday!  They had lots of fun.  A big thanks to our chaperones that helped with our field trip!!  Looks like another hot week ahead.

Here is this week’s outlook:

Red Ribbon Week:

Monday: Red Out Day (Wear all red)

Tuesday: 70’s Day (Wear 70’s attire)

Wednesday: Crazy Day (Wear crazy socks and hair)

Thursday: Pajama Day (Wear your PJs)

Friday: Pink Out Day (Wear all pink or sport attire)

Literature Day (10/31): We need volunteers to help out during our party.  If you would like to volunteer please contact our room mom, Mrs. Ogden.  The menu will consist of Mummy Hot Dogs, Yogurt Pretzels, String Cheese, Mandarin Oranges, Cupcakes, and Nut Free Cupcakes.

Literature Day Puppets:  Due Thursday, 10/26.  Practice with your child reciting their book report.  They will be presenting them in front of the class.

ELA: Decodable books will come home on Mondays now.  They will only come home that one night each week to practice.  They will not come home nightly.  The other homework nights, students are to read from books of their choosing.

Math:  We are investigating ways to count objects that are in random orders.

Sight Words:  Sight word lists went home last week.  Our first day of testing will be Tuesday, 10/24.  If your child passed they will receive the next list to attach to their sight word ring.  If they do not, a list will say what words were missed.

Volunteers Needed:

EPIC and Front Row:  Continue to utilize these programs at home to supplement learning in class.


October 16-20, 2017

October seems to be flying by.  Here is an outlook at our week ahead:

Field Trip:  The field trip is still on!  We need to make sure students are dressed with their OPA polo and comfortable shoes.  Students will need to bring a lunch to eat during their snack time.  Additionally, have students bring a separate snack in a zip-lock bag to enjoy after we get back from the field trip.  Chaperones need to be here by 10:30.  Dismissal for AM students is at 3:15pm.  NO HOMEWORK WILL BE SENT HOME ON WEDNESDAY.

Blackwells:  Due to our field trip, we will not be doing Blackwell’s this month.  We decided to wait until November to introduce students to it.  They can keep the scholarships earned in a bag at home.  An email will be sent closer to the next date to remind you when to send scholarships in.

ELA:  We are beginning our reading program, Wonders!

Math:  We are looking at hidden partners within number sentences.

Sight Word Lists:  The first sight word list will go home Thursday.  Students are to keep this ring of words and practice nightly.  Students will be tested on their list on Tuesdays.  If they pass, students will get the next list attached to their ring.

At home volunteers:  We have sight word lists that need cutting out if you’d like to take some home and complete for us.  Additionally, our second math unit books need pulling apart.  Thanks for any help you can provide us!

EPIC:  We have read our first 50 books in class on EPIC.  This week you should receive an email with a link to connect your child’s account at home.  This is a great supplement to the nightly homework.  It is optional.

Front Row:  On Tuesday, lookout for a login sheet to Front Row.  We are using Front Row as an online supplement to our math program.  Students will be able to utilize the program at home.  It is self-paced and adaptive to student needs.  Each section of math has a pre-assessment. It does ask the students challenging questions, but figures out the student’s levels after the test.  Thanks to some kinder friends for testing out the program last week.

Literature Day Projects:  Last week directions were sent home about Literature Day.  The human outline is for the puppets.  Students are required to make a puppet.  The outline can be used or you can make your own.  We are not looking for students to just color the puppet.

That about does it!


October 9-13, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed the past few days off.  This week has us busy, busy, busy.

Here is our week ahead:

ELA:  We are crunching together the last letters V-Z.

Math:  We are learning about hidden combos in numbers.

Science:  We will investigate pumpkins.

OPA Awards:  This month’s assembly will be this Friday from 8:45-9:30AM.  I will be emailing the parents of the students chosen for this month.

Field Trip:  Next week is our field trip.  Provided the fires subside we will still be going on our field trip.  Permission forms and money is due by this Friday.

Volunteers:  I will be emailing those chosen to chaperone our field trip.  Those parents not chosen this go around can still meet us there to walk with their child’s chaperoned group.  Standard admission prices apply.

In-Class Volunteers: Last week, I sent home a link to the Sign-Up Genius page for October’s volunteer opportunities.

That does it for our week!


October 2-6, 2017

Welcome October!

Here is an outlook at our short week:

ELA:  Letters T & U

Math:  Apple Math Activities

Science & Social Studies:  We will be finishing our apple research.

CHAMP Theme of the Month:  October’s character theme is Integrity.

Art Masters:  We have an Art Master’s lesson on Tuesday, 10/3 at 9:00am.

Tuesday, 10/3:  Letter “T” celebration.  Students may wear tutus, ties, tiaras, and tie-die to celebrate the letter “T.”

October 4-6: Parent Conferences (no school).

October 9:  Columbus Day (no school).

October 10-13:  Staff Development (minimum days).

October 31:  Literature Day:  Be thinking about what book character your child will be dressing up as.  There will be a project to complete with the costume.  Details will be coming home next week.

Decodable Books:  Keep practicing decodable books and bring the bag home the next day.

Volunteers:  October’s list will be out later this week.

October’s Songs to practice:

Patriotic Song:  Star Spangled


Fun Song: Monster Mash:


September 25-29, 2017

Welcome to our first full week of fall!  Let’s hope that cooler temps are on the way!

Here is our week and other dates to remember:

ELA:  We will be learning the letters O-S.  The letter T is next week, we will be wearing ties, tiaras, tie-die, and tutus that day.  Watch the newsletter next week to see exactly which day that will be.

Math:  We will begin Eureka Math: Unit 1.  Students will start using specific vocabulary throughout our math program.  For each unit, a parent info sheet will come home giving you suggestions on how to tie math concepts into home life.

Science:  This week’s Mad Science Friday experiment will be oil and water lava lamps.

Decodable Books:  Make sure students are bringing back their decodable book bags back to school every day with their homework folder.  We practice the books in class and add new books.

Social Studies:  We will continue our research on apples and Johnny Appleseed.  We will cross over to science the first week of October with apple experiments.

Fall Pictures:  Monday, September 25th.  We will be going first thing in the morning.

Book Fair:  To help students with purchasing books, it would be helpful if you and your child go after school at 12:30 to pick up books.  The book wish lists that came home are books that your child picked out, but are not the only books to select from.  You and your child can pick out what you think is best.  Thursday night we will have an extended sale period until 8pm.  There will be book reads and other activities that night!

 Parent Conferences:  October 4-6, 2017.  An email will come home tomorrow with a link to sign up for a time slot.

Field Trip:  We finally have a date for our field trip.  We will be going to the fall festival at Irvine Regional Park on October 18th.  Permission slips will come home tomorrow.

Here’s to a fun filled week!


September 18-22, 2017

I hope that the weekend is going well.  I am still at my sister’s wedding and will be returning on Tuesday.

Testing is complete and now to move full steam ahead with learning!

We have an exciting week ahead of us:

Talk Like a Pirate Day: (Tuesday 9/19) We will be celebrating all things pirate.

Apples:  Starting Wednesday, we will learn about all thing apples including the father of apple trees, Johnny Appleseed.

ELA:  We will continue our ABC bootcamp.  This week’s letters are J-M.

Math:  We will begin investigating our math curriculum.  Students’ homework will include a page that reflects what we have learned that day.

Sight Word Lists:  This will begin October 2nd.

Decodable Books:  These will begin coming home Thursday.  Instructions will be with the book as to what to do.  Reading with volunteers will start in October.

OPA Fight and Patriotic Songs:  Continue to practice these songs at home.  We will attend our first Monday assembly on September 25th!

That is it for our week!


September 11-15, 2017

Good evening parents and guardians,

Here is an outlook at our week:

ELA:  We will continue our ABC bootcamp with F-J.

Math:  We will look at numbers 0-10.

Testing:  I have finished the ELA testing.  I am ready to complete the math portions.  In order to cut down on class time to test, I would like to test students after school.  This is optional and not required.  If you would like to help out I have put up a SignUp Genius so I don’t get a bunch of students at one time.  If your child is in Champion Village, I am able to test there (no need to sign up).

OPA Awards:  Our first monthly OPA awards assembly is tomorrow from 11:00-11:45.  All students need to be in their formal attire.

Chipotle Fundraiser:  We have a fundraiser event at Chipotle on Monday, September 11th.  Information will be in the students’ folders.

Homework and Behavior:  This week, I will be starting to take points off for “hand, foot, and mouth” cards, playground demerits, and homework deficiencies.

Volunteers:  If you would like to still volunteer in the classroom we have spots open on the SignUp Genius page.  Check last week’s Gator News for the link to the sign up page.

That will do it for this week.


September 5-8, 2017

Good evening parents and guardians,

I hope everyone had a wonderful extended weekend.  We have an exciting week ahead of us.  Here is how our week is stacking up:

ELA:  We will be learning the letters D, E, and F.

Math:  We will be learning the numbers 2-5.

Testing:  We will be finishing ELA testing this week and Math next week.

Friday, Sept. 8th:  College Wear Day:  Please wear Florida attire, orange and blue attire, or your school uniform.

Class Songs:  Please help your champion learn these songs that we sing daily in class.   (Florida Fight Song)  (OPA Fight Song)

Parent Volunteers:  For privacy reasons, please refer to the Gator News email for the link to our Sign-Up Genius page.

School Messenger:  For privacy reasons, please refer to the Gator News email for the class code.

That should do it for the week!


August 28-September 1, 2017

Good evening parents and guardians,

Welcome to our first weekly email newsletter.  Each week I will let you know what is going on in our classroom.  Each newsletter will also be posted on our class webpage.  I used the parent emails inputted during University Orientation.  If you know someone that is not getting our emails have them email me.

Here is our week:

Friday (9/1):  University shirts. Students can wear gator shirts, gator colors, or uniforms.

Testing:  We are gathering data from all our kinder students.  This gives us a baseline to guide our instruction.  We will be continuing testing through next week.

Reading: ABC books.  This week we are reading books about the ABCs.  We will start with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom complete with a large coconut tree.

Math:  Numbers Bootcamp:  We are doing a quick-fire unit on the number 0-20.  This week we will look at numbers 0-5.

ELA:  ABC Bootcamp:  We will be flying through our letters.  This week we will look at B & C.

Homework:  Remember to send back homework folders the next day.

Behavior slips:  We will start behavior grading the week after Labor Day.  Please discuss with your child the importance of following rules if a “hand, foot, or mouth” card comes home.  Sign and return in homework folders.

Volunteers:  An email will be coming with a link to sign up to volunteer in our classroom.  Please select any tasks you would like to help out with.  There will be a volunteer training meeting Wednesday from 8:30-9:30.  This meeting is mandatory for volunteering in the classroom.


Online Textbooks

EPIC Reading:

Front Row: : Reinforcement of Eureka Math.  It uses fun games using math concepts taught in class.

Class Code:

Username and Password can be retrieved from teacher.


Click on the link below to access our Science and Social Studies textbooks online.

Visit Site

Login Instructions

Student Username: opa3

Student Password: opa2015


Links to frequently used documents will be added here.


Here is the link to our Amazon wish list.  Should you feel like donating to our class you will find the things that are needed.  The items on the list will help us become the best Gators that we can be.  Thanks for any help you would like to provide!


Students will choose from the courses on the PDF. They need to choose 4 classes they would like to take for the week. Forms are due back by Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

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